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Repiping FAQs

Here are some of the questions our customers have about the repiping process.

How long does the repiping process take?

Most repiping jobs are done within a few days.

How much does it cost to repipe a house?

The average home costs about $5,000 to $30,000 to repipe, for a one to three bedroom house, including finish and paint.

What components are replaced during repiping?

All the pipes, fittings, and valves will be replaced during your repiping project.

Do I need to leave my home during repiping?

You do not need to leave your home or change your routine. Our repipe team will work efficiently to replace your old corroded or outdated pipes with new, upgraded pipes.

Will there be visible damage to my home afterwards?

No, we work seamlessly to access your piping and patch up all access points afterwards. You will not even be able to notice where the access points were when the work is done. We also take great care to cover your floor, carpet, and furniture during the process to make sure there is zero damage to your home or belongings.

How do I know if my home needs repiping?

There will be noticeable symptoms if your existing piping is failing. These can include low water pressure, visible water pooling on your floor, mold or mildew in strange places, discolored or bad-tasting water, scalding water in the shower when you run the sink or flush the toilet, You may also require repiping if you have Kitec piping installed, as this product has been recalled. Older homes with galvanized pipes may also be clogged with mineral residue some of the symptoms mentioned above.

What are my options for repiping?

Most repipe jobs use copper or PEX piping. Several factors come into play in deciding which is the right choice for your home, so our contracting team will consult with you and go over the pros and cons of each.

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