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Testimonials from Our Repipe Customers

Here are just a handful of the many positive reviews we’ve received from our repipe clients in Folsom, Roseville, Elk Grove, and the greater Sacramento area. If you need a reputable repipe contractor, call (916) 304-7629 for an estimate or to schedule repiping service.

Superb! The best experience I have ever had with a contractor. This business has the re-piping process down to a science. Hardworking and pleasant guys. From the owners to the employees , everyone on the job was skilled and knowledgeable. I did not fully believe it when the owner told me there would be no physical trace of their work once they were done re-piping my home, but he was right. There is absolutely no trace of Wise Monkey having been in my house. Their wall patching, paint matching and clean-up skills are truly remarkable. More importantly, the re-pipe job was skillfully done and on time. I highly recommend this company.

We went with Kellen’s recommendation and had the Gunfros water recirculating system installed. Hot water to the tap right now!
Thx Kellen and team!

Michael A. Five Stars

This story started off scary. Not a Kitec horror story. But close enough. My parents own a 2 story home built on slab. The original plumbing installed when built in 1980 served well. -Until it failed under the slab 3 years ago. Mom and dad just had a $3K handyman repair that involved jack hammering the slab in the family room, a patching of the pipe. Then it was all covered up and new flooring was installed. Now 3 years later it failed in the same place.

I got involved with the situation and got an almost snide response that, “The warranty was only good for a year.” Add the “insult to injury” that since the water leak was under the slab and technically not damaging the structure, would you believe homeowner insurance won’t cover for that reason?

We sought 3 bids for a repipe of the home. Again this is a 2 story house with 4 bathroom sinks, 3 tub/shower combos, 3 toilets, a kitchen faucet, washer, fridge, dishwasher hookups plus 1 backyard hose bib that needed to be repiped.

Wise Monkey came in with a bid that was only a little bit more than the lowest of the 3 bids. Though Wise Monkey was the newest company among the 3 bidders, they stood out because:
1) of the estimator, Kellen. He was punctual, communicative, and very thorough in explaining all the steps to get the job done. He came multiple times throughout the multi day project to help out and make sure all was well.

2) though the bid wasn’t the cheapest, the Wise Monkey repipe included COMPLETE repair of the drywall that needed to be cut open to access the plumbing points. (With color matched paint too!!) In contrast the other 2 companies only offered to nail up the patches that they cut out. We would have to patch, texturize, and paint ourselves. The few dollars difference over the bid from the cheapest bidder very clearly became negligible when you realize the value of the 1 vendor that provides the COMPLETE repair.

3) The team was always professional and super helpful for my elderly parents on the days that the wife or me couldn’t come in from NV to oversee things.

4) the warranty on the work is amazing and transferable to a subsequent purchaser of the home!

Like any project, it is a partnership that works best with involvement of both the vendor and the customer. Was there things that needed to be addressed? Sure. Kellen and team happily resolved everything to satisfaction well within the time-line of the project. Perhaps that is the advantage of being a newer company. They are not numb to the needs of the customer and aren’t at all fazed by anything that they ran into on our 40+ year old home.

They very quickly removed any apprehension we had about this large project. And they have above and beyond earned our gratitude.

And if you are in need of a repipe, I hope my honest review helps alleviate some of your apprehension.

Brian R. Five Stars

Kellen and his team do incredible work. From the initial walk which was very intuitive to the constant communication and coordination of the upcoming re-pipe of our home. We had a major slab leak in our home and I gathered 3 quotes for a re-pipe after veering away from the jack hammer destroying our kitchen, family room, and custom stair case. Upon reviewing the quotes and the character of who presented them, it was a no-brainer.

When the Wise Monkey team arrived on day one they covered and protected our home, and took special care of the stairs. They worked like a finely tuned machine as they moved through our home installing all of the new plumbing. Great install done without error! Inspection was signed off and then the drywall patch and paint team arrived. Same thing, total professionals and every patch is unrecognizable.

I’m a General Contractor with a drywall background and I’ve never seen work of this quality. The drywall team even fixed a patch on our kitchen ceiling from the previous owner.
The plumbing team even reconfigured our main along with the spigot, pool auto fill, and irrigation connection. Cleaned up a plumbing mess that the pool guys had left.
Can’t say enough good things about Wise Monkey and the way they do business.

We went with Kellen’s recommendation and had the Gunfros water recirculating system installed. Hot water to the tap right now!
Thx Kellen and team!

Joseph C. Five Stars

We bought a house in 2012 with Kitec piping (built in 2003). Having dealt with water damage in our previous home, when we eventually learned of the “Kitec problem” (2018) we eventually decided to repipe before there was water damage. After getting several estimates, we went with Wise Monkey. They seemed to have the most detailed, comprehensive estimate at a reasonable price (one estimate was $10,000 more than Wise Monkey and that contractor didn’t provide finish work – like putting the sheetrock back that was cut out, taping, texturing or painting). The work on our house was finished over a month ago. We are so thankful for Wise Monkey’s customer service and skill at what they do. They did more than we had anticipated, they did it in the time frame they had said they would, they were extremely careful to take care of our house (they cleaned up every day after work, the finish work is so perfect that no one would ever guess walls had been opened up) They were efficient and very pleasant to have in our home. They are very responsive and dedicated to making sure we, the home owners, were pleased with their work. BTW, prior to the repipe, we had not been able to use hot water in our laundry room because of hammering. A few years ago, we had another plumbing company come out to see what that was about. They couldn’t get it to stop. The hammering had been getting worse in other areas of the house. Because the pipes are now properly installed (and insulated as well), we can use hot water in the washing machine without the house feeling like it’s going to explode (another reason we decided to not wait any longer to do the repipe). We couldn’t be more pleased with our entire experience with Wise Monkey.

Kristen S. Five Stars

Kellen with Wise Monkey has provided the most outstanding, compassionate service we have ever received. Like many of the other people on here, I found out that we have Kitec plumbing and will need to repipe because it is a ticking time bomb, guaranteed to fail at some point. We called 8 plumbers and our home warranty Fidelity assigned 2. Out lf the 8 we called, he’s the only one who would come out and touch it because we were without water for 4 days even though his area is big jobs and repiping. Even the assigned warranty company canceled on us after hearing it was Kitec. Kellen was out the next day and had the issue fixed in literally 15 mins, if that.

Super fast, professional and very friendly. Additionally, since we have Kitec plumbing, eventually we will have to redo the plumbing. Kellen has given us the best estimate for our repiping out of 4 companies we’ve talked to, which I believe would include the drywall and other thorough factors as well.

These are the guys you want to call if you are having issues, their reviews speak for themselves!

C. N. Five Stars

In March 2022 we found a home we wanted to purchase that was built in 2004 and had Kitec plumbing. After research and considerable worry, we decided we would only go ahead with the purchase if we felt comfortable with a company to Repipe the whole house for us. We got multiple bids and chose Wise Monkey Repipe. We worked with Kellen from beginning to end and he made the process as stress-free as possible. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kellen and Wise Monkey. They did everything they said they would do and more. Fantastic to work with and the job they did was terrific. We were of course concerned about the drywall sections that get cut out being noticeable after the work was done (they reinstall the drywall pieces, texture, and paint to match the rest of the wall) and I would defy someone to tell me where they cut the drywall – looks like they were never here! We also liked that they use PEX-A and not PEX-B (watch YouTube videos to educate yourself as we did). They also installed a new water heater for us – perfect! Best Contractor experience we’ve had. Our sincere thanks to Kellen and the rest of the Wise Monkey team.

Dean B. Five Stars

We had our work done about 6 months ago. In the beginning, when they finished the job, we found some painting job that needed touch up. Todd came and did an excellent job to touch up.
the most amazing thing is yesterday, we found water in the backyard and it was just on one spot outside the kitchen, thought it might be some leakage from the piping. Kellan took my email seriously and sent Will over to check on it. Will came and found out it was from the gutter. He did not say anything negative and helped me to clean the gutter. The issue was resolved. The yard is dry now.
They kept their promise and responded as soon as they could, on the same day. Very impressed.

Bill K. Five Stars

Wise Monkey did a fantastic job repiping our home. The team was professional, courteous, responsive, and really went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations. They kindly helped us with rebuilding some irrigation out front, patched extra holes in the garage leaving it better than they found it, and even brought our dogs treats. We appreciated that they provided drywall work as well; patching, retexturing, and painting after the repipe was complete. It was very easy to work with them and they offered a competitive price. We highly recommend Wise Monkey!

Nicole E. Five Stars

Kellen and his team at the company did a wonderful job of repiping the whole house. They started and finished the work on the exact date as promised; very professional, polite, responsible, clean, and worked really well. Since we couldn’t leave the house, they’d been very cooperative and sensitive to our situation so that we’d be comfortable and not disturbed by their presence. I highly recommend this company. Great team of hardworking and pleasant workers.

Mary S. Five Stars

We recently had our house repiped to replace the faulty Kitec that was used during construction. Kellen and his team were responsive, consistently on time and did an amazing job throughout the whole house. They were all very professional and answered any and all questions we had and talked us through any part of the project we didn’t understand or wanted to know more about. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to complete this type of project!

Jason & Julia G. Five Stars

Wise Monkey repiped my home in Roseville and two of my friends homes in Rocklin. Hands down these guys repiped our homes like it was nothing, it was crazy how fast and smoothly every thing went. It just blows my mind. I cant even tell where the holes in the wall where. Monday they opened every thing up and had Majority of the pipe already ran. Tuesday was what they call changeover day, the only day my water was off for not even five hours. Wednesday was inspection day, When the inspector Showed up he even spoke Highly of Wise Monkey Repipe and Construction. As soon as the inspector left Kellen, William, and Todd had all had the sheetrock back in place with what felt like a blink of an eye. Todd did Amazing Flawless job With the texture and paint. Wise Monkey is my go to when I need any construction/plumbing work done…. THANKS GUYS YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!

Q. B. Five Stars

The Wise Monkey Repipe team was fantastic. We had some water damage in our bathroom and kitchen from burst pipes. They were in and out in less than a week. You literally could not tell where they did the dry wall repairs! Highly recommend!

Justin C. Five Stars

The professionalism these guys showed was awesome. I want to thank you for saving us almost $950 to repipe my home. They were very informative In explaining step by step how the job is going to be done and even patched up professionally and cleaned up after themselves.

Pamela W. Five Stars

We had a major issue with the City of Folsom water leaks in our pipes. Can’t say enough about Wise Monkey Repipe and Construction’s excellent work and Efficiency! They did several homes in our neighborhood and everyone was very happy!

Patricia D. Five Stars

Fabulous company. I had this horrible Kitec pipe, I live in Sun City Lincoln, CA . I was on my fourth leak when I found this company out of Elk Grove through a longtime friend. I’m so pleased with how clean and professional they were. It was a stressful situation turned into a pleasant one. Now I have a piece of mind. Thanks, Wise Monkey Repipe!

Megan V. Five Stars

I’ve seen the finished work these professionals turn out on a regular basis. One would never know that a wall was opened up and the pipes replaced. There is no trace that they were ever there. They leave it looking better than it was. If you have re-piping, sheetrock and finishing projects, then you would do well to give these guys a call. I’ll stand by their work.

Josh L. Five Stars

Wise Monkey Re-pipe did a wonderful job on replacing the defective Durapex water pipes in my home. The team was very professional and worked efficiently to get the job done the right way. They did such a great job, and cleaned up shop like they were never there. Glad I was recommended to them by an old colleague of theirs. I will most definitely recommend them to my family & friends. Thank you for the excellent work you guys did.

Maurice G. Five Stars

Due to over 1k homes in Folsom, CA dealing with high pH in the public water that had pitted the copper pipes and were leaking. We were able to walk in to a friends home was was having their re-pipe done at that time, as our leak was detected the week earlier. Due to the speed, accuracy, quality and cleanliness that we witnessed we were excited to be put on the calendar 4 weeks out. We also spread the word for 5 other neighbors who as ourselves were all very, very pleased. We also had a new hot water heater and water filtration system installed, which all works amazing. Wise Monkey Re-Pipe and Construction are the best!

Curtis H. Five Stars

There was a “Pipe Pandemic” in Folsom, 2019-2020, which resulted in a multitude of homes needing to be completely repiped. Wise Monkey Repipe was among the list of companies people were using for their jobs. I got 3 estimates. I chose Wise Monkey for these 2 reasons – excellent response time/Flawless Job!! They are polite, clean, skilled in their field, timely, respectful of your property and family, and they also are genuinely nice people to work with!

I loved their work so much, I hired them to come back and do some construction work in the home.

Diane T. Five Stars

The construction quality is perfect. Checked and confirmed multiple times. A good company to recommend.

Carol S. Five Stars

Amazing! Very professional. I had them re-pipe my house and they did such a great job you couldn’t even tell where they cut the holes in the wall! I was so impressed I used them again to remodel my bedroom.

Jake P. Five Stars

They changed the whole pipes through the house because we had pinhole leaks in copper pipes. They did such a good and professional job.

Azita P. Five Stars

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